Marc Anthony – I’ve Got You (subtitrat romana)



Traducerea in limba romana a versurilor melodiei “I’ve Got You” interpretate de Marc Anthony.

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Baby when I think about you
I don’t need to think ’cause I just know
That baby it’s the way you love me
That makes me so damn sure that your the one

Don’t you know that I’ve waited for you
You are everything I’ve wanted all my life
Never thought I would find what I need
‘Til you came along my dreams seemed so far away

I could be with another girl
And I can take a trip all around the world
But why would I go anywhere when I’ve got you
I could spend my money on fancy clothes
Meet a thousand women doing videos and shows
But baby I’m so glad that I got you

Maybe I just got lucky
‘Cause a chance like this don’t come along every day
And can we hold on to what we’ve got
If I ever lost you girl, my whole life would change

You should know that your life gives me strength
And without you I don’t know where I would be
It’s because of your sould I’m at ease
No matter where I am I’m not alone. eh

All that I have
Is nothing when it compares to you
And I can’t believe
Hoe your love makes me feel
I’m glad that I’ve got you
And girl you’ve got me too


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